What We Do – Course Pics

What We Do


What is CoursePics?

CoursePics reframes learning, providing visual cues that will aid in learner recall—think of it like a cheat sheet in your mind’s eye. The visual cues are what we call CoursePics.

Intuitive sketches that dance off the page and into life.

These masterfully illustrated CoursePics, crafted by some of the finest artists in the world, create an innovative audiovisual format for optimum learning. When viewed, the pictures recall to memory key facts.


CoursePics gets results!

The CoursePics way of learning allows students to study smarter, not harder. Imagine being able to reduce your study time while increasing your cognitive power and memory retention—CoursePics’ inventive audiovisual platform transforms traditional text into an immersive learning experience.

Education with CoursePics

  • Improve student pass rates and clinical performance
  • Increase student engagement and long-term knowledge retention
  • Easily integrate our Learning Platform with your classroom and curriculum
  • Receive data reporting and analysis of student progress
  • Receive complementary licensing for faculty and staff
  • Gain access to complimentary study guides and webinars for students and faculty



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